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Golf is a game that I have played around with for the past 38 years yet never really been concerned with my score. Although the sport of golf is becoming vastly popular around the world with the exposure from Internet and television technology, my focus on personal handicap has not really changed much.

I have used the same set of Wilson clubs for the past 20+ years and thoroughly enjoyed ever time I played. I did replace a broken driver from the local sports store for a cost of $89 and added a 5 wood to my collection over the years. I have played in good weather as well as bad, since once I decided to play I let nothing interfere with my plans.

I wonder how many golfers around the world just enjoy the game as it comes, and accept the handicap they naturally come out with! I imagine that would be based on the competitiveness of the individual and how challenging their competitors are. Then of course there are the times when you put money on your game and have incentive to do a little better. One thing I have seen as consistent is that you play close to the level of those you golf with. If they are good, you tend to be a little better, if they are bad, you back off a little. Interesting isn’t it?

In defense of my personal situation, it is just great to get on the course, drive, chip and put the ball, and enjoy the beauty of the land outdoors. I have friends who have taken the game seriously by taking in-depth training courses, purchasing the newest technology clubs and components, and applying every skill they can apply to their game. I understand this mentality and don’t disagree with it any way, it’s just that once in awhile I shoot as good a game as they do and wonder why that can actually happen. Let’s face it, if you get one beautiful drive in 18 holes, you will surely be back! Or the time you chip in, which happens every few months!

Anyway, the game is, in my opinion one of the best to participate in, and for those of you willing to take the challenge and go for the money, enjoy and good luck. There is no question that you have all the training, support, equipment and skills available in many formats to get to where you wish to be and achieve whatever handicap you feel you are capable of. For those of you who may be starting out, check out the great selection of used equipment you can save on.

Watching the PGA Tour and the professional golfers competing for the big bucks has been awesome. To see Tiger Woods take on Vijay Singh or team up with one of the greats for a skins game, is always entertaining. How do you feel when you witness someone accomplishing a great goal by overcoming any challenges and hurdles they encounter? Hopefully you feel good about it and apply a little of the challenge to your own endeavors. And consider all the ways that the professionals are contributing to the exposure of the game and helping golfers of all ages to take on the challenge. The PGA endorsement programs help many to participate who would not otherwise been able to. No matter who you are, or where you live, you too can become a golfer who reaches the level of PGA qualifications and professionalism if you choose to.

Message from the Editor,

Alicia Stanley